Difficult? No problem!
Impossible? No worries!
Our custom home building team will find a solution that works for you.


To enhance the lives of our customers by finding creative solutions to their every day living to achieve the custom home of their dreams.

Lyndsay and Ryan met in Colorado in 2014. They started CBC Inc and built over 30 new construction homes and 25 renovations over the last 8+ years together. In 2023, they relocated to Gerogia and began serving clients in Union and Fannin County. They’re experts at building custom, luxury homes that suit your family’s needs.

New Construction Builds

CBC Inc. specializes in building new single family residential homes from the ground up.

Building Your Luxury Dream Home

1. Design

Dream up the design and tweak it as many times as necessary.

2. Pick Exterior Finishes

Work together to pick roofing, siding, windows, trim and front doors. Once exterior finishes are chosen, the draftsmen can proceed.

3. Hire an Architect or Draftmen

Hire an Architect or Draftsman to engineer plans to submit for the building permits.

4. Line Up Subcontractors

Line up all the subcontractors with bids for the project and start digging as soon as all permitting is acquired.

5. Select Interior Finishes

Work together to select interior finishes: flooring, cabinets, hardware, door styles, paint, etc.

6. Make Any Changes

Work closely with our clients so that we can make changes during the construction process. This is what truly makes a custom home a Custom Home.


Stories From Those We Serve

Paul G.
Winchester, TN
“Amazing, wonderful people, great work & professional!”
Edward B.
Tullahoma, TN
“Very professional, neat, clean and courteous”